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Science Goals

Ten Investigations Necessary to Prepare for Human Exploration of Mars

MEPAG Goal IV, Prepare for Human Exploration, identifies the investigations that are still needed to prepare for human exploration. Goal IV changes with time; as more is learned about Mars, some of the Goal investigations are addressed directly and some questions answered. The purpose of these web pages is to provide to the Mars exploration community information on the answers found to date with citations to reports and published papers,. Whereas the current version of the MEPAG Goals Document remains the definitive source for what still needs to be done, these pages provide answers to some of the investigations listed in earlier versions of the Goals Document.

The information on these pages includes the current (2010 version) of the Goal IV investigations, a link to the previous versions (originally in the 2005 version and not updated in the 2008 version), and references to papers that contain information that helped answer all or part of the previous version of the investigation. In some cases the investigations have been reorganized, so parts of investigations made have been moved rather than answered.

These web pages should be used by those seeking information on the environments of Mars that need to be known to prepare for human exploration. The papers referenced herein provide entry into the literature for the relevant data. However, the reader should use caution, as these are areas of active research and some results could change as more information becomes available. Credits:
Contents: Annie Marinan
Editors: Deborah Bass, Charles Budney

After: MEPAG Goal IV Science Analysis Group. “A reevaluation of the robotic precursor objectives and priorities related to preparation for the human exploration of Mars.” Presented March 18, 2010.

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Created for NASA by Pat Rawlings
Saganti, et al. (2004) Space Science Review, vol. 110
Lockheed Martin
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